Friday, Jun 5, 2020
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Life without parole for murder and rape

Dear Editor,

Only when the majority of our citizens, led by our elected parliamentarians, place more fear in the hearts of gang members and criminals will we see a sustained and continuous reduction in crime.

We boast about the statistical reduction in certain crimes, particularly homicides, then only days later there are multiple slayings. The criminal mind is hardly impressed or frightened by statistics. In fact, some persons are so demonic and depraved that the recent announcement of relatively positive crime statistics might have motivated some with criminal intent.

Both the ghastly act of rape and the nefarious intentional murder of a human being qualifies as the worst of the worst in my book – the United Kingdom’s Privy Council’s position notwithstanding.

We are far too passive in this country for certain matters and we must not accept wanton acts of crime as our new normal. Anyone rightly convicted through the judicial system of rape and/or murder should be removed from civilized society for the rest of his or her natural life.

I do believe that when people make mistakes, particularly when they are repentant, they deserve another chance to remake their lives. Unfortunately, I am also convinced that there are some who are impervious to the best that society offers, and they should be permanently removed from civilization.

A life sentence without parole protects public safety, while sparing the barbarity of killing our own. It sends the strongest message that violent acts will be severely punished.

– Bishop Simeon B. Hall

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