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Social Services: Child abuse spikes during summer

As the summer months approach, parents should plan now who will watch their children as child abuse increases during the summer, according to Senior Assistant Director of Child and Family Services Charlamae Fernander.

“Summer is coming; it’s fast approaching [and] school is closing,” Fernander said in a recent interview with The Nassau Guardian.

“Child abuse spikes during the summer when children are at home.

“I’d like to say they need to be properly supervised.

“The planning for that needs to be happening now. It should have happened already.

“How are they going to be supervised to keep them away from predators, to make sure that you know where they are at all times?

“And supervising children doesn’t mean that you let your 12-year-old look after the younger ones; 12 is too young to supervise. They do not have good judgment. They don’t know what to do in a crisis, [for example] if somebody breaks [into] the house.

“Some parents will say, ‘Well, I don’t have any choice.’ You have a choice. You have to come and get assistance.

“I am appealing to churches and civic organizations out there to open your services for [people] who need the children to be properly supervised.

“But make very sure that the persons you put in place to supervise them are vetted, have had their backgrounds checked.

“…Everybody in the community needs to make sure that these children are properly supervised, especially during holidays when the rate of abuse escalates.”

Fernander’s comments come following two videos that circulated on social media last week showing minors in compromising situations.

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