Friday, Jun 5, 2020
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A job well done

Dear Editor,

There are many non-profit organizations that have fought bravely to preserve the rights of Bahamian citizens. One such organization is the Coalition To Save Clifton (CSC). This awesome body of proud Bahamians, have throughout the course of 20 years worked tirelessly to ensure that what rightfully should be enjoyed by Bahamians is indeed given to them and not others.

In doing so, the CSC has set a standard that makes it unique in that it has shown its dedication, reliability, responsibility and its relentless drive to seek ways to improve the livelihood of all Bahamians.

The patriotic stance of the CSC is far reaching, as it has been the driving force behind the preservation of beaches at the historic site, thus the establishment of the Clifton Heritage National Park. However, their fight continues as the organization now has its sight set on the establishment of a national sea park at Clifton.

The CSC must be congratulated for its wonderful efforts and a call is being made to concerned citizens and the public at large to give support to the organization for a job well done.

As part of its 20th anniversary celebrations, the CSC recently held a special luncheon where several of the other organizations and individuals in the fight were recognized and honored.

It is the work of organizations like the CSC that must be recognized for the extraordinary work done. So often they are overlooked and the public is not aware of the great things they have produced that have and continue to benefit all Bahamians. So kudos are extended to the CSC. Happy 20th anniversary! Continue to keep up the good fight.

– Lorna Brown

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