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Cops found drugs in doctor’s house after domestic dispute, court hears

A physician who called police for a woman who was vandalizing his car was himself arrested after police found drugs and over $60,000 in his home, a court heard yesterday.

Corporal 1601 Deangelo Gaitor was testifying at the drug possession with the intent to supply trial of Dr. Adrian Rolle.

Rolle has denied the charge at his trial before Magistrate Samuel McKinney.

Gaitor said he was on mobile patrol when he was dispatched to a residence on West Bay Street around 10 a.m. on January 20 regarding a domestic dispute.

On arrival at the premises, Gaitor said he met a woman, later identified as Sky Holbert, throwing rocks at the car glass.

Gaitor said Rolle identified himself to police and said he was pressing charges.

Gaitor said that Holbert called Rolle a derogatory term.

Then addressing Gaitor, she said, “And officer, he has plenty dope upstairs.”

Gaitor testified that he showed Rolle a warrant for his home and on searching the kitchen he found multiple packages of marijuana on the counter.

On searching a tin on the counter, Gaitor said he found $60,638 in mixed currency.

According to Gaitor, Rolle said that he did not sell drugs and that the money came from his medical practice. However, Gaitor asserted that Rolle did not deny knowing that the drugs were in his place.

Gaitor said that Rolle was arrested on the drug charge. Holbert was also arrested regarding the drug discovery and the causing damage complaint.

Rolle’s lawyer, Ramona Farquharson-Seymour, asked Gaitor if Rolle allowed him to search the premises.

Gaitor said Rolle didn’t have the option to refuse the search because he had a warrant.

The trial continues on June 25.

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