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‘They did what they had to do’

Minister of National Security Marvin Dames said yesterday that the officers who killed three men during an early morning raid last Friday “did what they had to do”.

But Dames noted that the public should await the findings of the Coroner’s Court before rushing to judgement.

“It was an operation carried out by the police,” he said outside Cabinet.

“Unfortunately, some persons would have lost their lives.

“I believe the police may have recovered five weapons from that scene in addition to a quantity of drugs.

“According to the police, they were fired on and in a situation like that, by law, they did what they had to do.”

On Friday, police killed three men in a home off Eastern Road after police said the men opened fire at officers attempting to execute a search warrant.

The Nassau Guardian understands that one of the men was Jamal Penn, also known as Tony Smith, an alleged gang leader who had been acquitted of several murder charges in recent years. Another of the victims was revealed to be Trevor Cooper, who was charged with murder in 2017, but later acquitted. Valentino Pratt, who has a history of firearm and drug charges, is reportedly the third man killed.

Dames said he did not want to discuss the incident in detail and said the truth of it would be revealed in the Coroner’s Court.

“Well, I don’t want to get too much into that particular matter, but these are the times that we’re living in today, and you’re going to have from time to time, unfortunately, situations like this,” he said.

“But we’ll see what happens.

“The matter is being prepared for the Coroner’s Court and will allow the evidence to come out and the determination made as to what happened, why it happened and to get the outcome.”

He added, “As I said before, and I think this was clearly articulated by the acting commissioner of police, let’s wait and hear the matter out before the court of law and then we can have our comments after that.”

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