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Woman to Woman

Greek mythology speaks to Amazon warriors as a group of women that belonged to an all-female culture and society, reputable by their fearsome battle and fighting skills. They were said to be as strong as any man, and tall and powerful – but the women of Bahamas Harvest Church (BHC) were reminded by Michelle McKinney Hammond, author and international speaker, that as powerful as those Amazon warriors were, they needed men.

“I was trying to figure out how they duplicate themselves. So, then I found out the queen forced someone to have sex with her, so she could have a daughter. So even though they were Amazon women, they still needed men,” reminded McKinney Hammond, who spoke at Bahamas Harvest Church’s “Graced for all Seasons” Women’s Conference last weekend.

She told the women that if the Amazon female warriors didn’t have men, that the race would have become extinct.

McKinney Hammond spoke on the topics: “The power of being a woman” and “Woman to woman” during the three-day conference.

Her message to the women was no more resounding than in the words to a poem she wrote in her book “The Power of Being a Woman” on the topic “Woman to woman”, which she recited and which drove home the point she made.

As she addressed the empowerment theme of the conference, McKinney Hammond told BHC members that the theme seemed to be the trend this year for every conference she’d been invited to speak at, which led her to believe that “something must be in the wind”.

“We have a lot of questions about empowering ourselves. Lots of conversations about that, and for me I get a little confused every time the conversation starts, because I think why are we spending so much time talking about how to empower ourselves when we’re already powerful.”

She told the conference attendees that it’s time women gain a new perspective and recalibrate their understanding on their power.

“It’s hard to be a woman, only if you’re trying to be a man. So, relax. Say ‘I accept who I am’. I am a woman, fashioned by the hand of God. I am already powerful, simply being me,” she said.

She challenged the women to let down the muscles and to go with their men to the battlefield, but to know when to pull back.

McKinney Hammond reminded them that their husband is not a child, and that when they treat him like a man he will act like a man.

“My power challenge to you is can you let down the muscle? Can you be soft again? Can you pull out your perfume? Can you bat your eyelashes, and do what you do as a woman, and encourage a man to be a man?”

She told them that the world programs women for external achievement to gain affirmation and validation, and yet if they’re not aligned with God’s design and purposes, it falls flat and leads to frustration.

“Every time you get frustrated, if you check where you are at that moment, you are out of step with God, because his way always leads to peace and victory. Don’t buy into the lie. There is a worldly standard of what your life looks like, and if you try to hang on to that, you will lose it, because you decided to enter into the kingdom. And kingdom women can’t operate like worldly women. We are in the world but not of the world. We can’t look like them, we can’t talk like them, we can’t think like them, we can’t do life like them, because we live on a higher level. We live to a different standard.”

She said they cannot act like the women of the world, and that there should be something different about them – something that marks them as an ambassador of another kingdom.

“Literally, you are to change the atmosphere wherever you go. Somebody should stop cussing just because you show up and not know why.”

She told the church members that she and they were amazing.

“The truth of the matter, ladies, is that God made us powerful from the beginning. We are inherently powerful. We don’t have to do power. We are power. I finally embraced who I am in Christ. Once you know your identity in Christ, everything else shifts, because then you realize what you have,” said McKinney Hammond.

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