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‘Small Works’ hopes to drive Bahamian consumers to buy art

“Small Works”, the latest art exhibition at The Current: Baha Mar Gallery and Art Center, is aimed at making art more accessible and affordable for the average Bahamian looking to invest in art.

The art and creative industries swelled over the past few decades in the amount of artworks being produced in The Bahamas, but Baha Mar’s Creative Art Director John Cox said there’s a disconnect in how Bahamian consumers purchase art.

“What we need to do now is sort of educate and inform the audience. With this show it’s quite strategic. We made the works small, not only because it’s kind of difficult for artists to reduce their way of thinking to a very miniscule version, but it also creates an opportunity for the prices to become more reasonable for people, and to say I can actually own two or three of these pieces,” Cox said in an interview with Guardian Business.

“A lot of time people say art is so big and it’s so impractical and I don’t have the space in my home, I already have enough paintings and I don’t need anymore, and this is an opportunity to build that.

“This platform is unique in that way because our goal is to really become a premier selling art gallery in the country that brings together that sense of creative integrity along with a growth that can bring financial reward for the artist.”

More than 170 works by more than 30 artists will be on display, each measuring 12 inches by 12 inches or smaller.

The exhibition opens today at 6 p.m.

“Inside The Current Gallery is actually where we sell the work, and there are two different approaches to curating. You can have a more critical or historical approach, where you’re trying to create a narrative with the works and tell a story that is intended to be experienced in a certain way,” Cox said.

“But when you come into the gallery where it’s commercial and the works are for sale, you’re trying to take a little bit of what I just mentioned, but merge it with a sense of the need we want to nurture in people, that you can also afford artwork and this idea of art being for other people is not necessarily a true thing.”

Globally, art and creative goods and services are a $600 billion per year industry.

In The Bahamas, creative industries exports reached $3.1 million in 2012, compared to the high level of imports at $147 million.

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