Saturday, Jun 6, 2020
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McAlpine is now member of the opposition

Dear Editor,

I do not know why the media keeps calling Rev. Frederick McAlpine an FNM. He really is not.

McAlpine got mad when he was not made a Cabinet minister when the FNM first won. You see, McAlpine thinks highly of himself. I suspect he views himself as a future prime minister.

Once his heart was broken by not having a driver and blue-plated car, he turned on his boss, Dr. Hubert Minnis, and his party, the FNM.

Ever since, McAlpine has been the leading voice of the opposition to the government. No matter what good Minnis and the FNM do, McAlpine opposes.

The Carnival port is coming to Grand Bahama. A billion-dollar development is close to getting going at West End. The government is near selling the Grand Lucayan. A foreign university is in negotiations to build a campus on Grand Bahama. There have been efforts to build a technology sector on the island.

Despite all this, all you ever hear from McAlpine are complaints against the prime minister and his administration.

McAlpine should resign from the FNM and be an independent. If you hate the organization you’re in, just leave.

If he officially wants to go back to the PLP, of which he was a member, he could also do that.

The FNM is not perfect. But the party is trying for Grand Bahama. McAlpine is a Grand Bahama MP. He should be happy that focus is being placed on reviving its struggling economy.

McAlpine is on a mission to hurt the governing party. When that is your main objective, you are in the opposition. He insults the good name of the FNM by pretending to still be part of the organization.

– Martha S. Greene

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