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Major excited over boxing initiative in Grand Bahama

Meacher Major is anxious to interface the outreach program he will lead for the Pan American Caribbean Boxing Organization (PACBO), with the recently-launched youth boxing camp, to be based in Grand Bahama.

During a press conference at the YMCA in Freeport, Grand Bahama, the Grand Bahama Sports Promotion Association (GBSPA) announced the camp initiative which will be supported by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Tourism and the YMCA. Major is excited about the relationship that has developed for boxing.

“This is terrific. Man, this is so great. I was in school when I became interested in boxing and I couldn’t understand why basketball, softball, soccer, volleyball, track and field were in the program, and not boxing. There were P.E. (Physical Education) teachers coordinating the participation of teams from schools for all of the major sports except boxing.

“I always wondered about that. Then later on, when I got into the amateur program with the federation (Bahamas Boxing Federation), there still was no connection with the schools. Just think about it. The same way the other sports grew because of the talents coming out of the schools, this could have been happening for boxing long ago.

“Now, we are on the move. I am happy to have been selected to be the chief trainer for the camp sessions and also to recommend young boxers for the tournaments which will take place, I believe, on a quarterly basis each year. It is good too that the Grand Bahama Sports Promotion Association intends to communicate with the federation when the tournaments are scheduled. What this joint effort will be doing is taking a lot of the development burden off the federation. This is good for the federation,” said Major.

The former World Boxing Association’s (WBA) Caribbean Lightweight and Bahamian Super Featherweight Champion also delights in being able to enhance his PACBO objective. PACBO began an outreach program into the Family Islands a few years ago by forming the Yama Bahama Boxing Club in Bimini.

“We went to Bimini on two occasions and linked up with over 30 young boys. They were not able to continue with what we started. Now, there is another chance for that island to get on board and carry on with the legacies of Yama Bahama and Gomeo Brennan and Gary Davis. I will try to see how other islands in the Northern Bahamas can get involved in the Grand Bahama Sports Promotion Association Youth Boxing Camp,” said Major.

On Friday morning, Ministry of Education West Grand Bahama District Superintendent Ivan Butler met with school principals to outline and discuss the camp project.

The Eight Mile Rock High School has been designated as the starting point for the first GBSPA Youth Boxing Camp. Major will be flown in to lead the training sessions and address students on the art of boxing and conditioning.

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