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Bahamas 14th in the world for prostate cancer

The Bahamas ranks 14th in the world for prostate cancer, according to the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF).

Statistics from WCRF reveal that The Bahamas has 85.8 cases of prostate cancer per 100,000.

It also notes that The Bahamas ranks fifth in the Caribbean for the cancer.

In 2018, there were 200 new cases and 80 deaths from prostate cancer in The Bahamas.

Bahamian urologist Dr. Greggory Pinto said The Bahamas’ global ranking for the cancer is alarming “because we can pick it up early and we can cure and it’s just because we’re not picking it up because Bahamian men are not aware of prostate cancer”.

“Most prostate cancers at an early stage have no symptoms so if you’re waiting for symptoms to go get checked out, it’s too late,” Pinto said.

“By the time you have any symptoms such as lower back pain [and] pelvic pain, it’s advanced to your bones. [For] many Bahamian men, and this is my experience, it’s fear.”

He said prostate cancer is one of the easiest cancers to treat.

Pinto said patients have “a cancer specific survival at five years at 100 percent”.

“At 10 years, the cancer specific survival is 98, 99 percent,” he said.

Pinto told The Nassau Guardian, “The numbers of men dying in this country from prostate cancer are needless.

“If we had picked up all of these prostate cancers early, almost all of them we could’ve prevented with 100 percent certainty… I think WHO (World Health Organization) said 80 men died of prostate cancer last year. I’m sure that number is even higher.

“…I’m a consultant urologist at Princess Margaret Hospital, just in Princess Margaret Hospital, I see three new prostate cancer cases a week. That’s just tip of the iceberg and the heartbreaking thing is most of them, I would say 90 percent or more are advanced cases.”

The International Agency for Research on Cancer predicts that there will be 392 cases of prostate cancer in The Bahamas in 2040.


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