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Government House shooting committee on track to meet deadline

The committee appointed to investigate a recent fatal shooting at Government House is on track to meeting its two-month deadline, Minister of National Security Marvin Dames said yesterday.

In May, the government appointed the committee to probe the circumstances surrounding the murder of an RBDF marine at Government House.

When asked for an update on the investigation yesterday, Dames said, “Hopefully, I’ll be getting an update very shortly.”

He continued, “You know that that committee had been given about two months and they have already started work almost on the first day, made any number of requests already. And, so, they’re a group of very competent individuals who I have a tremendous amount of respect for.

“I am certain at the end of the day, they will do a tremendous job and we will make certain that the Bahamian people are made aware of the findings of the committee.”

Police said RBDF Petty Officer Philip Perpall, 52, was on duty at Government House on April 28 when a man entered the compound and shot him to death.

Last month, RBDF Able Seaman Jevon Seymour was charged with Perpall’s murder.

In the aftermath of the shooting, Dames said he had asked RBDF Commodore Tellis Bethel to look into the security of other buildings the defense force protects.

Yesterday, the minister said, “We’re working on a policy that’s well on the way. It should almost be completed. Certainly the first draft on security in government buildings.

“We have already ramped up in any number of areas, but we want to ensure that we put in place a policy that’s consistent with international standards, that’s not ad hoc. We’ve been doing that for far too long in this country so we will come to the Bahamian people very shortly on that.”

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