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5 keys to his success

Recognition, organization, strategizing, prioritizing and maximizing were the five keys instrumental in Bahamas Faith Ministries (BFM) Senior Pastor Dave Burrows turning his life around, and he said they were also instrumental in many others being able to do the same.

Burrows spoke to “troubled youth” at the recent “I Am Purpose” conference in Jamaica. He told the young men that he had to recognize that what he was involved in was not his destiny, and that he then had to organize, and reminded them that if their plan is not on paper, they only have a thought. In strategizing he said they must determine what steps they need to get their plan in gear and that they need to figure out what is most valuable right now and make it a priority. And then he said to maximize, he encouraged the young men to make every

moment count and to “die empty” – exhausting every talent, gift, ability and opportunity.

The BFM pastor was the keynote speaker at the Jamaican Ministry of National Security’s “I Am Purpose” campaign which started in September 2018, which focuses on the value of self-worth, self-empowerment, parent and child interaction, volunteerism and community participation.

“The purpose of this pillar is to identify the risk factors of a socio-economic nature that contribute to violent behaviors and attitudes, and help to reduce them through activities such as this campaign,” said Renee Steele, acting director of crime prevention and community safety in the ministry.

Burrows said he received an invitation from Jamaican gospel reggae artist Rondell “Positive” Allen – who was once a “bad boy” – to help with strategies to combat a problem with gang violence and aimlessness among Jamaican youth in hot spot areas.

Communities in St. Catherine, Clarendon, St. James and St. Andrew were being targeted under the year-long initiative.

According to Burrows, Allen was impacted by the message of purpose from the late Myles Munroe, the founder of BFM, whom he had only become familiar with after his death.

He said Allen began watching YouTube videos of Munroe and Burrows which led him to a deeper walk into the message of purpose and the kingdom.

“He was so impacted that he formed an organization called ‘I am Purpose’ which toured schools and communities letting young people know that each has a God-ordained purpose that could not be fulfilled through guns, violence and poor choices. He spent months encouraging young men to choose life and purpose over violence and destruction,” said Burrows.

Allen visited Nassau in November 2018 and heard Burrows’ story in person and through his book “The Power of Positive Choices”. He felt the message of how to make positive choices and gain redemption from a past street life was what the young men of Jamaica needed to hear.

Jamaican statistics indicate that young people between the ages of 15 and 24 are involved in a significant number of violent crimes.

Burrows said the conference brought together young men who were labeled as “gun man” and “bad boys” to what was termed “reasoning sessions” during which Burrows and Allen along with other young men shared testimonies of redemption – highlighting the fact that change was possible. They heard from people who had made positive changes and changed their trajectory.

Allen spoke to having had a gun put to his head, and the young man who did so having pulled the trigger. He was lucky in that the gun did not go off.

Fellow participant Jamar Wright shared how he went from sleeping on the floor in a house where the floor collapsed, and rain came through the roof to becoming a motivational speaker and conference organizer. Wright shed tears as he recalled being commended for his work.

Another young artist, Dunamis Reigns, shared how he left behind guns and street life and became a father and a positive influence on young men.

“The response of the young men was amazing,” said Burrows. “Many asked questions and expressed their desire to change and become better. Several requested copies of [my] book ‘The Power of Positive Choices.’” He said he promised to ensure that each young man who attended would get a copy. He also promised to return in the future to do a follow-up.

Burrows said he was grateful to have been able to “speak into the lives” of the young Jamaicans, knowing that their future could ride on the right message being presented at the right time.

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