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Aggressive implementation schedule for renewable energy in Family Islands by IDB

The Inter-American Development (IDB) and the government  of The Bahamas will be setting an aggressive implementation schedule for renewable energy in the Family Islands when a $170 million loan facility gets fully underway, IDB Country Representative for The Bahamas Daniela Carrera-Marquis said yesterday.

Carrera-Marquis said the program for the introduction of renewable energy across The Bahamas will be aggressive in order for this country to keep in line with its stated goal: to have renewables make up 30 percent of this nation’s power generation by 2030.

“What we do is not a loan, it is an investment,” she said.

While she could not say which islands would be initially impacted by renewable energy installations via the IDB facility, she did say the planning stage on how it will be phased in is underway.

Carrera-Marquis said the IDB currently has about 13 active projects in The Bahamas, though some of those are coming to a close.

The IDB is also working on the government’s digital transformation program, which will streamline the government’s interactions with the public and companies.

Carrera-Marquis said the public could begin to see the initial rollout of that program in about three years, given that there is a massive amount of data that has to be processed and government operations that have to be interconnected before the new processes connected to that initiative become available.

She explained that most of the consultants leading these projects are Bahamians, with technical assistance via the IDB’s capacity building exercises.

“We bring international consultants for specific things, when we consider those are the best people we can find for specific interventions,” said Carrera-Marquis.

“Fortunately you do have people. Maybe you have certain areas where we can see that certain resources are needed, but in general it is very Bahamian.”

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