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Concerning changes in a direction

Dear Editor,

I would greatly appreciate you printing this letter. I grew up reading the newspapers throughout the week. This was way before the Internet and social media and the endless fake news from so many sources.

Because ZNS was so biased, the newspapers were an essential source of news and information. The Tribune played an important role in maintaining freedom of the press.

The Tribune was fearless in keeping a check on Sir Lynden Pindling and his government. While I may not have always agreed with The Tribune’s editorials, they were well written by first Sir Etienne Dupuch and then by his daughter, Eileen Carron.

The editorials were intelligent and often filled with historical references and information drawn from the insights of the father-daughter combination, which played a leading role in Bahamian society for numerous decades.

These editorials were written by intelligent, well-trained journalists who were excellent writers with considerable experience.

I now have concerns regarding the direction of that great paper, The Tribune.

Its daily headlines and stories lean too much toward that of a racy tabloid.

It is vitally important at this stage of development of our Bahamian society that this paper not make a permanent turn to the level of a London Fleet Street tabloid.

I, like former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham, also have concerns regarding some of The Tribune’s recent editorial opinions. The Tribune accused an FNM government under Ingraham of election spending on infrastructure. Ingraham responded to the paper, detailing his years-long policy approach in investing in upgrading the country’s infrastructure. The election had nothing to do with his decision making.

It is surprising that The Tribune’s editorial page would now speak so diminishingly of an Ingraham administration when for years it commended his fine work.

Reflecting how much of a turn there has been recently in The Tribune’s editorial approach, a recent press release from the PLP claimed that The Guardian could learn some things about writing editorials from The Tribune.

The Tribune should be alarmed and disturbed to be praised by the likes of the PLP and certain individuals when it comes to writing editorials. Such self-serving advice by the PLP would have shocked Sir Etienne.

A recent Tribune editorial claimed that the government’s current efforts to rebuild the public infrastructure on Ragged Island, following the devastation by Hurricane Irma, are all about election season.

Never mind that the next general election is likely a long three years away. And never mind that the government is constantly being pressed to rebuild Ragged Island as soon as possible. This criticism was baseless.

Given the chaotic mindset of recent Tribune’s editorials, it is highly likely that the same editorial writer(s) would roast the government for failing to declare the steps it would take to restore Ragged Island.

I wonder if these editorials are the result of personal animus by a certain individual or individuals?

Although the masthead of The Tribune declares that Eileen Dupuch Carron is still editor and publisher of that paper, it is clear the paper has lost the stamp of perhaps the most highly educated and professional Bahamian journalist of our time.

That is the only explanation as to why The Tribune would publish a letter containing what, in the opinion of this writer, is a statement that is deeply disturbing regarding irresponsible regime change in the country.

I note The Guardian deleted the offending paragraph. As of this writing, the offending paragraph remains in The Tribune online. The letter was written by Norman Trabulsy Jr. of Mangrove Cay, Andros, and is dated May 23, 2019.

It is worrying that the editors of The Tribune did not deem it appropriate to remove the troubling paragraph.

The Tribune has a great history in The Bahamas. That the PLP is now championing its views should make its leaders question the paper’s direction.

– Disappointed Reader

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