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Do you have a make it real mentality?

The single most important gift given to mankind is the gift of vision. Nothing noble or noteworthy has ever been done without vision. It’s the vehicle that drives you, gives you hope in despair and provides endurance in suffering.

Vision is also what we use to set goals and dreams for our life. Each of us has big goals that we wish to achieve. Unfortunately, these dreams will remain unrealized for the rest of our lives unless we take the courageous steps to make them real.

Over the course of two weeks, people from all walks of life asked the question, “Have you made progress with your goals, dreams, and vision this year?” For a few, the answer was positive. For others, a much larger percentage, the answer, unfortunately, was “no”.

After listening to the many responses, the main question I left pondering was this: How many people have a strong ‘make it real’ mentality? In one of my most popular programs, I share with students the 12 keys to making your goals, dreams, and vision real. The summary of each key is listed below. Can you confidently say “yes” to each question?

1. Clarity – Is your vision clear? Are you directed by a clear dream?

2. Potential – Do you know your true potential for fulfilling your dreams?

3. Plan – Do you have a concrete plan for achieving your dream? If so, where is it?

4. Passion – Do you possess a passion for your dream when things get tough?

5. Faith – How strong is your faith to pursue your dreams?

6. Process – Do you understand the process you might have to endure?

7. Priorities – Have you set the priorities to accomplish your dream?

8. People – Who are the people in your life that are influencing your dreams? Are they the right ones?

9. Provision – Have you employed the provision for the vision? Are you using money as a tool to reach your dreams?

10. Persistence – How persistent are you in achieving your dreams?

11. Patience – How patient are you in the fulfillment of your dreams?

12. Connection – How connected are you to the source of your dreams?

If you had to score yourself out of 12, what would your score be? Whatever your score at the moment, just know that when you follow the right principles, you can undoubtedly make your vision real.

I am inviting you to a free workshop where I go much deeper into the 12 principles listed above and provide the exact action steps you need to follow in order to experience achievement in whatever endeavor you choose. To be a part of the Make It Real workshop, email my team at and we will send you all the details.


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