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Eleuthera MP pleads with govt to address issues 

After he noted a list of achievements by the Minnis administration in his constituency, South and Central Eleuthera MP Hank Johnson pleaded with the government to address a number of issues in the community, many of which he said have been longstanding. 

Johnson spoke on the need for proper medical facilities in the constituency.

“This FNM government made a promise to the people of south and central to provide proper medical facilities on the island,” he said during his contribution to the 2019/2020 budget debate.

“The member for Elizabeth and the minister of health, I would like to thank you on behalf of the good people of South and Central Eleuthera, to thank you in advance for making the promises come alive.”

He commended the efforts of two non-profit groups, Men of Faith and the South Eleuthera Emergency Partners (SEEP), for their operation of a fire truck and ambulances in the area. He noted that they rely on donations to operate and called on Minister of Health Dr. Duane Sands and Minister of National Security Marvin Dames to provide financial assistance to the groups.

He also spoke to issues with the functionality of social services on the island, in particular, challenges with food vouchers, and called on Minister of Social Services Frankie Campbell to act on the matter.

Johnson asked for the repair of the public dock in Rock Sound, saying it is in desperate need as boats are unable to dock there. He also called for repairs to fishing docks in Tarpum Bay as well as the resurfacing of Hatchet Bay’s dock.

He called for the roof to be replaced at the Preston H. Albury High School, as he said it leaks whenever it rains.

The MP was also highly critical of the lack of cable television in parts of his constituency. He accused Cable Bahamas of not carrying out its obligations, and said that laws must be better enforced.

“At this time in 2019, I have certain areas of my constituency on an island like Eleuthera without cable television,” he said.

“It is disgraceful, and Cable Bahamas has been getting away with this. And I have been calling Cable Bahamas for two years straight, and that is not fair to those people. That is not fair and something needs to be done about it.

“And I think what happened is, in this country, Mr. Speaker, when we come to this honorable House, we pass legislation, but we do not enforce our law in this country. We don’t enforce it.” 

Among his other requests were improvements at the Governor’s Harbour Airport, the expansion of the clinic in Governor’s Harbour and repair of sporting facilities throughout the island.

He also said that Rock Sound is in desperate need of a cemetery and urged the government to use crown land to serve the purpose. He called for a sea wall to better protect the cemetery in Hatchet Bay.

Johnson also asked the government to consider creating a national park at Sweetings Pond in Hatchet Bay, which he said is an important habitat for a rare seahorse species.

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