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BOC/NSA-driven media outreach should go beyond capital island

The Bahamas Olympic Committee (BOC) sent out a release on Monday that figures to result in continuing the push for high efficiency and togetherness within the national sports fraternity.

With the endorsement of the National Sports Authority (NSA), and actually in conjunction with that sports property management entity of The Bahamas government, the BOC is reaching out to the sports media of the capital island of New Providence to be an essential part of a meet-and-greet affair with the hierarchy of the Olympic Movement in the country and the principals of the NSA.

“The Bahamas Olympic Committee in collaboration with the National Sports Authority, invites you to celebrate and thank the people who share our passion and love for sports, the sports media. The event will be held on Wednesday, June 19, from 7-9 p.m. inside the VIP foyer at the Thomas A. Robinson National Stadium.”

The notice is significant and speaks to the great desire of BOC leaders to embrace all and sundry within the nation’s sports family. It appears to be an all-out effort of the BOC to engage all stakeholders in enhancing the national sports brand.

The BOC, however, is warned against a concentration only on New Providence and members of the national sports fraternity who reside there. Nothing at all is wrong for initiatives to begin in the capital. It would be ludicrous, though, to limit this important outreach program to New Providence.

There is quite an active sports media element in the Northern Bahamas; in Exuma, through media entrepreneur Dwight Hart, whose radio and magazine elements are relevant, and the regatta committees throughout the country that have media dimensions to project their annual activities.

I just wish to emphasize the wide scope that it is the responsibility of national bodies, such as the BOC, the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture and parent federations, if we are to maximize the sporting potential in the land.

It is thus expected that, at some point in the not-too-distant future, the BOC and the NSA will broaden its media outreach to include the aforementioned areas. With it being based in the one island of New Providence, sports media representatives there get many opportunities to interact on a face-to-face basis with government sports officers, BOC executives and leaders of national sports bodies. What is to take place on Wednesday is actually just an added dimension for the New Providence sports media.

Elsewhere in the country, though, it is different. With few exceptions, sports media personnel in the Family Islands are not presently being afforded, and have not in general ever had, opportunities for the kind of interaction that their peers in the capital island grew accustomed to.

So, while the event planned for Wednesday, June 19 is applauded, the BOC and NSA are challenged to be mindful of sports media personnel who live in other areas of the country. They are entitled to the same attention.

Also, the national media outreach would be much more comprehensive, if they are given the same treatment.

I just thought to provide some food for thought.

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