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Budget increase for waste removal

The government has increased the Department of Environmental Health Services’ bulk waste removal budget by $1.8 million for the upcoming fiscal year.

In the 2018/2019 budget, $435,000 was allocated for bulk waste removal.

In the 2019/2020 budget, that figure increased to $2.3 million.

When asked about the budget increase, Minister of the Environment Romauld Ferreira said, “We intend to move more bulk waste that’s why.”

He added, “The ministry intends to embark on a very aggressive, even more aggressive clean-up campaign. If you would recall, we started the clean-up campaign in 2017. In my first budget presentation we presented the whole concept of ‘Be a Hero’ and bring your waste out.

“We’re going to take that concept even further. Instead of just schools, we’ll extend it to associations and for the first time we’re going to organize and participate in the World National Clean-Up Day, so we’re going to need more funds.

“You would admit [that] New Providence is in dire need of it so it reflects the fact that we’re going to be more aggressive in collecting bulk waste.”

Earlier this year, many residents in New Providence complained that their garbage had not been collected for several weeks.

Melony McKenzie, the director of the Department of Environmental Health Services, had attributed the backup to a change in the garbage collection route for some employees.

“We would’ve had a changeover of contractors on January 2,” McKenzie said.

“Along with the changeover and that buildup of garbage over the Christmas, it took a longer time to collect it.”

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