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Flamingo Gardens clinic closed because of ‘paint choice’

The Flamingo Gardens Community Clinic was temporarily closed yesterday due to a mishap concerning a paint choice in the building, Minister of Health Dr. Duane Sands said.

A statement released by the Ministry of Health on Monday announced the temporary suspension of services at the clinic to take effect yesterday. Patients scheduled for follow-up appointments were advised to attend the South Beach Health Center on East Street South.

Sands said it is unclear when the clinic will reopen, and noted that the situation would be reassessed in the evening.

“Flamingo Gardens is closed. There is a problem with the choice of paint used for the repairs, renovations. They used an oil-based paint and the problem is that the fumes are just unfortunately creating a challenge,” Sands said.

“A similar type of paint was used on another area last week, and unfortunately, a number of staff members had challenges with ventilation, and so out of an abundance of caution, we don’t want to subject our staff to this type of exposure.

“What it now means is that despite trying to take precaution to have the work done well ahead of the reopening today, it was not done as specified, and so we are now going to have to decompress those clinics to all of the surrounding facilities.

“It’s unfortunate, but we are not prepared to take any chances with the health of either our staff or the patients.”

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