Monday, Jul 13, 2020
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Is NAD being fair?

Dear Editor,

I must speak whenever there are injustices being visited on anyone. I must also, without ambiguity, express how I arrived at my explicit opinion. I must cause my boldness to be seen in my honesty.

The brazenness of Nassau Airport Development (NAD) Company’s recent request for proposal (RFP) was nauseating, to put it mildly. It actually published the RFP worded as it is, regardless who objected. It dared us to swallow its arrogance hook, line and sinker.

It was disconcerting to see that NAD would even think about such a venture when there exists right now a restaurant owned and operated by a Bahamian in good standing. What is so alarming in the request is that Bahamians need not apply.

The suggestion that the RFP is asking for an operator with international branded concessions smacks the government’s Bahamians-first policy. There are many reputable high-class restaurants that could compete with any internationally.

Why would NAD be leaning so hard on “international”? Are there suggestions that Bahamians are inferior?

It is unfortunate that a fully established Bahamian, who has proven to be knowledgeable enough to operate domestically for all these years, is being “snuffed out” by a system designed to target Bahamians.

The request for proposal is designed to ostracize Bahamians, plain and simple.

Where are the legal minds? Where are the well-intentioned Bahamians who have a conscience? How come God-fearing Bahamians could sit idly by while Bahamians are being slaughtered on the altar of politics? When is it going to stop?

This is not right. This cannot be right.

Arrogance is a roadblock on the highway to wisdom.

– Ivoine W. Ingraham

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