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Lloyd: Nearly half of GLAT students failing to meet ministry standards

Nearly half of the students in Grade 3 who sit the Grade Level Assessment Test (GLAT) are not meeting the Ministry of Education standard, Education Minister Jeffrey Lloyd said yesterday.

“In Grade 3 the students take two tests in two subjects, English and Math,” Lloyd said during his contribution to the budget debate.

“Last year in 2018, there were 5,138 who sat the exam. That was a decrease from 2017.

“Last year, only 63 percent got grades between A and D.

“Again, we are looking at nearly half of our students in Grade 3 who are not meeting what we consider the Grade 3 standard in Math and English.

“In Grade 6 they take four subjects, math, English, science and social studies – only 56 percent with grades A to D. So we see where there is a struggle.

“And again these four subjects in Grade 6…are the ones they are going to take in Grade 9 for BJCs; and if we’re struggling in the Grade 6 area, I could understand why.”

While there was an improved performance in the Bahamas Junior Certificate (BJC) examinations in 2018 compared to the previous years, students continued to perform poorly in the Bahamas General Certificate of Secondary Education (BGCSE) with fewer students earning the top grades. This trend was also observed in 2017, he said.

At the BJC level, fewer students sat the exams in 2018 (11,827 students) compared to the 12,125 in 2017.

There were improvements in seven subjects, including English language, general science, social studies, literature, Spanish, craft study and health science, according to the ministry.

Sixteen hundred students earned a minimum grade of C or above in five or more subjects, an increase of nearly eight percent over the 1,484 students who achieved this in 2017. There was also a slight increase in the number of students who earned at least a D grade in five or more subjects – from 2,269 in 2017 to 2,319 in 2018.

Additionally, there was a 17 percent increase in the number of students who achieved at least a ‘C’ grade in the core subjects – 1,326 students in 2017 compared to 1,552 students in 2018.

As for the BGCSE level, slightly more students sat the exams – 6,720 last year, compared to the 6,692 students who sat the standardized exams in 2017, an increase of less than one percent.

A total of 806 students received at least a C grade in five or more subjects last year, representing a drop off of eight percent compared to the 880 students who achieved at least a C grade in five or more subjects in 2017.

The number of students receiving a grade of D or above in a minimum of five subjects has also declined from 1,493 in 2017 to 1,338 in 2018, a margin of more than 10 percent.

Meanwhile, in the core subjects of mathematics, English and a science, 490 students received a C grade or better; again, representing a decrease from over the previous year.

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