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BUT looking for salary increase for teachers

Bahamas Union of Teachers (BUT) President Belinda Wilson said yesterday that in renegotiating their industrial agreement, the union hopes to receive a 20 percent salary increase for teachers.

“…In the agreement, we’re looking at not only a 20 percent salary increase, but we’re looking at how we can revise the salary scale for teachers,” Wilson told reporters.

“If you note, there are a large number of our members who have been at the maximum of their salary scale now some seven years [or] 10 years.

“We’ve done new salary scales and we’re proposing them for the public service to look at them favorably.”

Wilson said earlier this year that the union was asking for outstanding money and a better quality of life for its members, among other things, as it negotiates its new industrial agreement with the government.

Minister of Education Jeffrey Lloyd said last month that the ministry started negotiations with the BUT and that he expected the process to go well.

Wilson said the union and the government have sat down to negotiate three times and they’re focused on non-economic issues first.

She said as a part of the new industrial agreement, the union is looking to emphasize health and safety.

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