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Olympic Movement moving along at high, proactive pace

The Olympic Movement in The Bahamas began back in 1952, with the noble intent of providing the accreditation forum for Bahamian sports personnel to represent the country at the highest levels of competition.

For more than half a century, that was primarily the role played by the executives of the Olympic body. The Olympic Movement in The Bahamas actually revolved around the four international and regional events: the Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games, Pan American Games and the Central American and Caribbean Games.

It was about accrediting Bahamian representatives for the aforementioned events and little else. During the 1980s as the International Olympic Committee broadened the outreach of the world movement, The Bahamas became very much involved with area bodies such as the Pan American Sports Organization (PASO). Still, though there was no national program, in the least, that projected the Olympic Movement.

About two decades ago, via an IOC expansion again, the then Bahamas Olympic Association (now committee) began a scholarship program. However, beyond that, there was nothing much else to the movement in the country.

Now though, under President Romell Knowles, his hard-working Secretary General Derron Donaldson and other executives, there is a proactive Olympic Movement in the land. The BOC’s outreach is inspiring, and congratulations is due.

Thus, the BOC is encouraged to continue heightening its own brand. In that regard, I understand that despite the uncertainty of the National Sports Authority (NSA) being jointly involved, the meet-and-greet affair earmarked for the sports media on Wednesday, June 19, will in fact go on.

The interest of the BOC to network with the NSA is indeed in keeping with spirit of togetherness being fostered.

The “old boys club” image that was attached to the Olympic Movement for so many decades is clearly now something of the past. It was quite refreshing when recent past president Wellington Miller embraced the less affluent sports member organizations, and they now are entrenched in the Olympic Movement like never before. There is continuity of that relationship presently.

So, next Wednesday, another page in the new chapters of the Olympic Movement, being written by the BOC, will be processed. A meaningful interaction with sports media personnel is anticipated as the Olympic Movement moves along at a strong pace.

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