Monday, May 25, 2020
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Our immigration problem

Dear Editor,

A note to our government: Eight out of 10 women in the maternity ward of the Princess Margaret Hospital are Haitian; this from a nurse who works there. Sixty percent of the patients at the government clinic are Haitian; this from a nurse who works there. Forty percent of the children at Abaco Central are Haitian. Similar number of children at Abaco Primary are Haitian. All the Haitian women in The Mudd are holding a toddler by the hand, carrying a child in the arms and pregnant with another one.

Are you too busy with politics to realize that there is a silent revolution happening in our country, and we’re losing?

We know a fine young Bahamian boy who is desperately looking for work and can’t find it.

I don’t have a problem with immigration, I have a problem with illegal immigration. Americans fought for their freedom and independence. Haitians should fight for theirs, not take ours.

Call to action: The law that gives automatic citizenship to foreign nationals born in this country should be abolished immediately.

And all illegal foreign nationals who enter our hospitals to give birth should have, as part of their paperwork, an agreement to have their tubes tied. Sound tough? Well, you’re paying for it.

– Anonymous

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