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Arrest warrant issued for private investigator

A magistrate yesterday issued an arrest warrant for a private investigator who failed to appear to answer a stalking complaint.

Elizabeth Bannister, the wife of newspaper publisher Gorman Bannister, had applied to have Oswald Poitier bound over to keep the peace after he allegedly sent her menacing messages via WhatsApp.

Magistrate Kara Turnquest-Deveaux ordered Poitier arrested after he did not appear for the hearing yesterday to have him stay away from Elizabeth Bannister.

In her complaint, Bannister alleges that Poitier sent her the following message, along with photos of her home and her workplace: “Good evening, your husband has put my life in danger with his slanderous posts for a couple dollars. I will pass these pics and address to his enemies. He messed with the right one this time.

“He knows who this is also. Tell him go report me. CDU needs to see him now anyway.”

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