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Turnquest offers graduates advice

Deputy Prime Minister Peter Turnquest told the 2019 graduating class of Sunland Baptist Academy that in securing their high school diploma they have accomplished something which just 46 percent of their peers complete successfully.

“Today, I see talented young Bahamians who will continue the tradition of other Sunland Baptist Academy graduates, who are making meaningful contributions in both the public and private sectors of our nation,” he told the graduates.

“This institution has a stellar record. Among your alumni there are teachers, lawyers, doctors, police officers, nurses, accountants and many other skilled professionals. As graduates, you are following in their footsteps and you should always look to their example as a source of inspiration and motivation.”

Drawing attention to the school’s theme for the graduating class – ‘The Journey of 1,000 Miles Begins Today’ – Turnquest said it speaks about the choices that will face the students of the graduating class. Choices that were made better because they and their parents have invested in education.

The theme, he added, also spoke about the students’ futures.

“A future that will be shaped by the opportunities that you seize,” he said.

Turnquest reminded the graduates that opportunities are not just local, but global.

“We live in a global economy that is powered by technology, which means you can live at home and work for clients across the world,” he said.

“Half of the businesses that exist today did not exist more than 10 years ago. Companies like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and other technologies that run our lives today, never existed before most of you were born.

“Just think about that. It means we live in a dynamic new world and you have the opportunity to shape the way we do things in the future.”

Secondly, Turnquest reminded the students that finding work is not only about finding a job.

He encouraged them to become their own boss. He noted that becoming business owners and entrepreneurs is something which the government encourages with its Small Business Development Centre and BTVI’s “Be your own boss” initiative.

Thirdly, he encouraged the graduates not to allow the lack of finances to kill their dreams or hinder their progress.

“I want you to know that your presence here today is a symbol of your potential,” he said.

“It is a symbol of your hope and it means that you have something to offer your country that can shape the nation for the better.”

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