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Expedia: Demand from stopover visitors up 43%

The Bahamas saw a 43 percent increase in demand year-over-year from stopover visitors in the first quarter of 2019, according to data from Expedia Group’s first quarter Caribbean update, which also revealed that the United States was the top origin country of bookings.

The global travel company’s data also shows that the average booking window for this destination is 37 days and the average length of stay in The Bahamas for stopover visitors is three days.

According to Expedia, the next biggest growth markets after the U.S. are Canada, Great Britain and France.

One of The Bahamas’ closest competitors for visitors, Cuba, saw a 153 percent growth in demand year-over-year, according to Expedia, which added that it also has an average length of stay of three days.

Also on the list are the Dominican Republic with an 11 percent growth in demand and Jamaica with 18 percent.

Expedia’s statistics also show that stopover visitors’ interest in purchasing packages to The Bahamas grew by one percent year-over-year, and that with packages, the average length of stay by visitors increases by five percent.

In terms of booking packages, Canadians’ interest in this type of booking arrangement increased 42 percent and topped the field.

The data also shows that 72 percent of visitors booked a vacation in a room in The Bahamas rated four stars, while 22 percent went with rooms rated three stars. The Bahamas had the highest percent of four-star rooms of the other growth markets.

Expedia revealed at the end of last year that there was a 30 percent increase in bookings to the Family Islands using mobile phones and a 70 percent increase to New Providence.

Expedia’s data also reveals that the fastest growing feeder markets that booked packages to The Bahamas in the third quarter of 2018 were the U.S., Mexico, Brazil, Canada and Spain.

Expedia further reveals that more than half of those booking packages to The Bahamas opted to stay at four-star hotels, staying an average of four days. The average booking window was 40 days.

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