Sunday, Jul 5, 2020
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Raising standards

Dear Editor,

Having watched and read consistently the budgetary comments in the honorable House of Assembly has left me with much pain, discomfort and disappointment. Many of our elected members of the lower House seem to be ill informed and ill equipped and add little of meaningful substance toward the national budget that would result in invaluable contributions to this national process. Consequently, I was forced in introspection to ask if as a nation we are sending our best and brightest of citizenry to this honorable House?

As a result I humbly would like to recommend to the Bahamian populace and the political parties of the day that we give serious consideration toward implementing with immediate effect debates at both the political party and constituency levels to ensure that we are sending our best to the House of Assembly. Through the debate process we will be more objectively able to determine as opposed to the most favourite, who is better equipped at an intellectually based level to represent the political party, constituency and by further extension the nation at both a domestic and international level in a more comprehensive manner.

Prospective nominees and candidates should be vetted through this debate process by inquiring of their personal views and abilities to articulate well-thought-out and effectively communicated ideas and positions on matters of most importance to the Bahamian electorate at a ground level, as well as regional and international levels on local and geopolitical current issues of the day.

As a consequence we will ensure that persons selected to contest positions at the political and constituency levels are indeed, through the debate process, well equipped intelligently to make competent and well-articulated positions toward debates in the law-making and budgetary processes.

Thanks very much for having allowed me to express some views in your most esteemed newspaper.

– Concerned citizen


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