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Davis claims budget does not meet nation’s challenges

Opposition Leader Philip Brave Davis asserted yesterday that there is a “lack of vision, a poverty of ambition, no innovation and no big new ideas” in the government’s 2019/2020 budget.

During his shortened contribution to the budget debate, Davis insisted that the government is failing to manage the people’s finances effectively.

He claimed that instead of focusing on its plans for the country, the Minnis administration continues to play the blame game by highlighting the previous work of the Progressive Liberal Party. 

“This is not a people’s budget, and it is not the people’s time,” Davis said.

“The only time this government thinks of the Bahamian people is when they are inventing political slogans.

“In the meantime, special interests get special privileges, special access, and special favors.

“Bahamians are clear about this, no matter how much of their own money is being used on propaganda to convince them otherwise.

“It’s not just that after Oban we don’t trust your signing ceremonies, or that after the Grand Lucayan, we think you don’t know what you’re doing, or that after years of missing your deficit targets, no one believes you anymore.

“It’s worse; we don’t trust your intentions. We think you’re governing for the few instead of the many and there’s nothing in this budget that proves otherwise.

“Mr. Speaker, the biggest tragedy of this budget is that it does not meet the great challenges we face as a nation.”

Sloan Smith

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