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FOCOL preparing for expansion in global energy demand

FOCOL Holdings Limited is preparing for an expansion in global energy demand and the subsequent demand for petroleum products, even in the face of an increasing call for renewable energy, a press release from the company explained.

The release stated the increase in the demand for energy globally is expected to outpace renewables. The company has therefore upgraded its infrastructure and assets in preparation.

FOCOL President and Chief Executive Officer Anthony Robinson said in the release that his company has been investing in fuel logistics and birthing enhancements, as well as expanding its storage tank capacity.

“Its shipping fleet has been retooled with larger oceangoing vessels like the recently acquired Sun Gas, a one million-gallon propane ship and Brad Sun, a 2.2 million-gallon marine tanker,” the release stated.

“The development of new concepts for service stations will coincide with new trends in convenience retailing, while company-wide staff training and career development will strengthen organizational capacity.”

Robinson said while the rate of evolution towards renewable energy is uncertain, “FOCOL’s commitment to participating in that future is unwavering.”

He said his company is not yet ready to reveal its plans for renewable energy.

Robinson also explained that the company has invested in computer enterprise and automation systems in order to “prepare FOCOL for technological advancement expected to occur in the energy sector over the next two decades”.

Dexter Adderley, managing director of Sun Oil Limited, a subsidiary of FOCOL, said in the release that FOCOL’s new system is “bulletproof to the vulnerabilities of information security”.

“The new system has made the overall management of the business more real-time, more accurate and much more efficient,” he said.

“And that has provided a baseline for us to really embrace the digital changes occurring globally. As our ships can go global, so can our systems.”

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