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Govt re-engaged 1,600 people, Rolle says

The government has re-engaged 1,600 people to the public service since coming to office in 2017, Minister of Public Service and National Insurance Brensil Rolle said yesterday.

“To date there has been completion of 336 new appointments on temporary month-to-month terms or on 12 months probation; 249 appointments to the permanent and pensionable establishment; 422 confirmations on appointments, 1,217 re-employments and 53 engagements on contract in this year alone,” Rolle said during his contribution to the 2019/2020 budget debate.

Rolle added that more than 1,300 people have been promoted under the Minnis administration.

“In addition to those persons that we have promoted in this very short period, we are adding 383 more promotions this year,” he continued.

“This shows our commitment to reward the outstanding workers in the public service who boost the government’s productivity and get the job done.

“I just want to say this to public officers, and this is not a political statement, it’s just a truly factual statement: You’ve got to make a judgement as to which government you want to support. I think, if I was still a public officer, I’d support the government that is prepared to support me.”

Rolle said the government is continuing to boost productivity within the various ministries by ensuring that staff levels remain consistent.

“To combat the roughly 450 persons who left the public service last year, there were 249 appointments to the permanent and pensionable establishment and over 300 new appointments on probation or temporary month-to-month terms to fill the gaps made in the public service,” he said.

“My ministry also re-engaged some 1,217 persons, bringing the total number to nearly 1,600 since coming into office.”

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