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BBF set for world cup roll-offs

The Bahamas Bowling Federation (BBF) will stage its world cup roll-offs from June 24-30 at Mario’s Bowling and Family Entertainment Palace.

The top male and female finisher, based on total pinfall, will automatically qualify to represent the country at the Bowling World Cup, set for November of this year. Only Bahamian citizens, permanent residents and persons who have residency in The Bahamas for 12 months or more prior to June 1, 2019 are eligible to compete.

The entry fee is $175, and the registration and payment deadline is Saturday, June 22.

After a competitor throws his or her first ball of the competition, the entry fee is non-refundable. All checks are to be made payable to the Bahamas Bowling Federation. All cash payments are to be made directly to BBF representatives L. Cynthia Edgecombe or Derrick Burrows.

All shifts will consist of five games. Practice will commence 15 minutes before the start of each shift. Bowlers who are late for a shift will commence bowling in the current frame. On completion of the first two games of a scheduled block, bowlers will move one pair of lanes to the right to complete their remaining three games of that block. Bowlers who bowled on the last pair of lanes to the right of the lanes scheduled for competition will move to the far left pair of lanes to bowl their remaining three games from that block. All bowlers will bowl 20 games over four days.

Bowlers will compete on one oil pattern during the course of the competition. Pattern options and selections will be decided and tested collectively between the BBF and Mario’s.

Disruptive behavior by any athlete will not be tolerated. Disruptive behavior is anything that is deemed inappropriate, such as swearing, rude gestures, hitting machines, throwing bowling equipment, etc. The tournament director shall have full discretion to make determinations in this regard. Athletes will be given a warning for the first infraction and may be penalized (zero pinfall for the frame) or disqualified in the event of subsequent infractions. Disciplinary infractions will be subject to review for possible further action, following the tournament.

Players should be ready to bowl when it is their turn and should not delay the start of their approach or delivery if the lane immediately adjacent to them on both the right and left is clear.

Players must observe one lane courtesy at all times. Competitors on the same pair may not bowl consecutive deliveries without allowing one competitor from the pair to the right and one competitor from the pair to the left to make a delivery, unless those competitors are not ready to bowl or they give way.

An authorized tournament official shall warn anyone not observing the rules.

All participants are asked to wear a shirt and casual slacks, trousers or jeans. Traditional collared shirts, mock-collared shirts and collarless bowling jerseys are all permitted. Women may wear Capri pants provided the length is below the knees. Female participants can also wear skirts, culottes or shorts that extend beyond their fingers when their arms are extended down by their sides.

No on-site ball inspection will take place, but only bowling balls on the World Tenpin Bowling Association (WTBA) approved bowling ball list can be used for this competition. The BBF and WTBA rules governing bowling will apply for other matters.

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