Thursday, Dec 5, 2019
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Need for empathy and compassion

Dear Editor,

During her contribution to the recent budget debate, MICAL MP Miriam Emmanuel was clearly flustered and unable to articulate some budget numbers. She was clearly embarrassed by her performance.

The response to her flub by some on radio and through social media was unchristian and mean-spirited. Some of the response was vicious.

I was appalled to listen to radio personality Juan McCartney on his show being uncharitable and mean-spirited toward Emmanuel. Some other media personalities took to their Facebook pages to attack the MP for MICAL.

The level of anger and snide comments directed at Emmanuel is deeply disturbing. It says something about where we are as a people.

Social media can be very toxic and nasty, and is too often used to mercilessly attack others. As fallible human beings who make mistakes, we should all try to be more forgiving and understanding.

When a Guardian reporter made a monumental blunder by putting the words of George Smith into C. A. Smith’s mouth, I do not recall certain media personalities roasting this journalist on their Facebook pages or talk shows.

And those at The Guardian who may have been responsible for allowing the error to go unchecked did not take to the airwaves to describe their errors. Yet many of these same individuals are quick to attack others.

We are all in need of grace, compassion and forgiveness. While we should have no tolerance for corruption, malfeasance or misfeasance by public officials, we should have considerable leeway for basic mistakes by public officials, who should not be viciously demonized for certain errors or missteps.

– Bahamian Patriot

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