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Bahamian musician dies after stabbing

Popular Bahamian musician Davon “MDeez” Knight was stabbed and killed, shortly after 7 p.m. on Friday, according to police.

Initial reports indicated that Knight and another man were involved in a traffic collision at the junction of Prince Charles Drive and Fox Hill Road when things turned violent and an altercation ensued.

As a result, Knight was stabbed multiple times, police said.

He was transported to hospital where he died a short time later.

Knight was an established reggae and dancehall artist, a songwriter, producer and entertainer, having worked with international artists such as Jah Cure.

He was a Bahamian Icon Award nominee and recently received the 2019 Elevation Award for male artist of the year.

The musician was set to start a 12-week tour this week.

He would have reportedly been the first Bahamian artist to perform at the annual Reggae Sumfest in July in Montego Bay, Jamaica, alongside Buju Banton, Beres Hammond, Beenie Man, Spice and more.

As news of his death spread, scores of his friends, family and fans took to social media to voice their shock and sadness over the tragedy.

Luval “Big L” Culmer, Knight’s business manager and close friend, described him as a “true icon”.

“This truly was a shock and untimely,” he told The Nassau Guardian yesterday.

“Even though I lost a good friend and his family lost a husband, a son, a brother; the country lost a true icon.

“He wrote for a whole lot of people, even outside of his genre. He helped with hip-hop songs, R&B songs, traditional rake n’ scrape songs, reggae songs, it didn’t matter. He was a lover of music.

“…I’m sure for his legacy, he will be known as someone who pushed people to never give up on their dreams and to never stop.”

Other Bahamian artists also expressed grief over the untimely death of Knight and remembered him as a visionary.

Rik Carey, who said he has known the musician for nearly 23 years, said he could not believe it when he heard the news of Knight’s killing, calling the incident “surreal”.

“His personality was so big and so fun,” he said.

“He was always the one in the room to have the floor. And then he had everyone around him on the floor because they were either cracking up or he would be making everyone laugh. That’s the real MDeez there. He always was this fun-loving person who always loved to make people laugh.

“I think he really got a lot of joy out of just making people smile. That’s how come he was so loved.”

Carey said Knight left behind music that “definitely spoke for itself”.

“It’s so sad to see the brother go at a time when his career was just beginning to take flight,” he said. “That had me shaking in my shoes.”

Musician Samuel “Sammi Starr” Poitier, who said he has also known Knight for over 20 years, said he has still not come to terms that his ‘brother” is gone and is not quite sure when he will be able to accept it.

“Deez had the biggest heart,” he said.

“He had the absolute biggest heart. My brother was the kind of guy that would stop traffic to let the mother duck and ducklings cross the road. He was that kind of person.”

He noted that while Knight was a renowned Bahamian artist, he was also a humanitarian.

Poitier referred to Knight’s weekend program, “Less Talk, More Action”, that focused on feeding the homeless.

He said he will mostly miss the support and encouragement he would get from Knight, as a friend and an artist dedicated to his craft.

“He was one of the people that kept me encouraged, kept me focused, kept me going,” he added.

“He was the biggest example I had of someone who would encourage you to stay focused on trying to accomplish your dreams and goals and aspirations.

“We were in music for over 20 years and we are just now starting to scratch the surface in terms of success.

“That drive and that hunger from day one to now is definitely what I’m going to miss most about him, and, of course his love and his brotherhood… He was just one of the biggest support systems I had.”

Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Leader Philip Brave Davis also offered condolences on behalf of his family and the party.

“We grieve together with so many Bahamians who enjoyed his musicianship and his warming spirit,” Davis said.

“He blessed our country with his gifts and the dedication to the purpose he loved above all.

“Mr. Knight’s talents will be a lasting inspiration to us all.”

Davis added that, “as a country, we must all join in doing our part in breaking the back of systemic violence and crime generally that grip entire communities with fear and steal the future of too many of our promising young men”.

Police said they had a 32-year-old man in custody in connection with the stabbing.

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