Tuesday, Nov 19, 2019
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Planning for energy requirements

Dear Editor,

The Fusion Superplex complex complains about BPL and its power outages impact on its business. It’s a $42 million investment with no obvious thought about reliable power in the absence of BPL’s power cuts. I cannot sympathize with its plight, as I find it totally foolish and imprudent to construct a $42 million entertainment complex without reliable backup power.

The IMAX-centered entertainment destination should be among the last places on New Providence to be victim of BPL load shedding – in my opinion. I thought that a concept of the Fusion enterprise was to capitalize on power outages on New Providence, and offer a port in the storm to residents who are in search of an environment where they could forget about lights off, the agonizing heat and humidity.

Instead it is simply another complaining consumer of BPL. What a shame!

What will Fusion do if a major hurricane hits the island and power is off for weeks? Complain like everyone else or prepare to take advantage of the opportunity?

Get it right Fusion!

– Dennis Dames

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