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Police to probe ‘appalling’ claims in voice note

Minister of National Security Marvin Dames said yesterday he was “appalled” by allegations made by a former police officer that officers intentionally falsified police reports in order to send people to prison.

The allegations were made in a voice note that was widely circulated on social media.

The man in the voice note alleged that there is no police officer in The Bahamas who can say that they have never “fixed” a report.

But Dames described the claims as “an insult” to past and present police officers and said the matter is being looked into.

“For us to put credence and confidence on comments made by some individuals who just popped up out of nowhere, that just bothers me,” said Dames.

“That bothers me because I don’t deem him as being credible.”

Without revealing the identity of the person in the voice note, Dames said the man served the RBPF for less than five years.

He said the man did not work in the investigations unit of the police force during his career.

“I am appalled by his comments because I know that this is not the force that I know,” the minister said.

“So who are you going to believe? Are you going to believe him or me? I was in charge of the Criminal Investigations Department or the Central Detective Unit for a very long time as well as the Drug Enforcement Unit and intelligence branches of this country.”

Dames added, “The commissioner and I would’ve spoken about it. He himself would’ve heard it, but they are looking into it and I believe what I know of this particular individual…he was on the force sometime during the 80s.”

Commissioner of Police Anthony Ferguson said yesterday that an investigation will be launched to determine the validity of the claims.

Speaking to reporters at police headquarters, Ferguson said, “I would be interested in knowing what it is he really is saying to see if there’s any validity to it.”

Asked if there was a culture of falsifying police reports at RBPF, the commissioner said, “There is no reason that you would find any sensible individual falsifying any report to send somebody to prison. That’s not right.”

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