Friday, Oct 18, 2019
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Bannister’s remarks on power cuts bring no solace

Dear Editor,

I wish to inform Public Works  Minister Desmond Bannister that when I can’t sleep because of boiling temperatures, when I watch my appliances malfunction, when I can’t watch my favourite tv programs, when I can’t cook or heat my food, all because of BPL power cuts, the fact that there may have been more power cuts under the PLP brings me no solace.

It was my opinion that we changed governments in 2017 under the promise that better would come. Unfortunately, this better does not seem to be able to keep the lights on in the 21st century. When are we going to see some innovation by a government toward renewables?

And, while I am griping, I would like to ask the honorable prime minister why he deems it fitting to award scholarships to persons with 2.0 grade point averages, paid for by us, the taxpayer. Shouldn’t our goals be higher? I prefer the remarks made by my housekeeper to her daughter when she brought home a report card with a 2.10 grade point average: “This is really not good enough. You have to do better.”

– Jeanne Thompson

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