Thursday, May 28, 2020
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Bostwick should be GG

Dear Editor, Cornelius Alvin Smith’s announcement that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II had appointed him as the country’s next governor general was premature. This is definitely a tale that Bahamian see as a “shocking breach” of general protocol. I fully understand that Smith made the statement to

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Poor service standards

Dear Editor, I often hear the noise in the market that Bahamians do not support their own (local businesses) but maybe that’s because Bahamians don’t know how to serve their own. There has been lots of emphasis placed on small business development in The Bahamas recently and

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Sears backs Rastas on marijuana

While expressing support for members of the Rastafarian community, former Attorney General Alfred Sears, QC, said yesterday the Bahamian constitution grants them the right to use marijuana as their sacrament. “The constitution guarantees every person in this country the freedom to practice their faith, their religion,

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