Sunday, Oct 20, 2019
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Crime reduction needs a national approach

Dear Editor,

While any and all rationale efforts to reduce the murder count should be embraced and supported by all well-thinking Bahamians and residents, a national approach to these efforts is an imperative.

Political tribalism remains the greatest impediment to solving most of our national social issues. Statistics and even positive prognostications might impress certain voters, but hardly frighten or deter criminals.

In the last three decades, both major political parties have sponsored respective crime commissions, yet the outrageous crime problem remains incessant.

There continues to be a clarion call for a national, bipartisan approach to the perennial problem of crime – one which involves all political parties and relevant social, civic and religious groups. This has been a repeatedly strong and worthwhile suggestion.

A national, long-term crime plan would dispel the political blame game politicians play and help to realistically lower the murder count.

– Bishop Simeon B. Hall

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