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Airbnb promotes its Experiences platform in The Bahamas

Bahamian entrepreneurs have a unique opportunity to engage tourists from Airbnb’s Experiences platform, which connects tourists with unique, curated, one-of-a-kind experiences when they visit The Bahamas.

Airbnb’s public policy associate for the Caribbean and Central America, Chloe Burke, was in town last week and explained the Experiences platform to interested entrepreneurs at a town hall meeting at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Kirk.

Burke explained the benefits of using Airbnb’s platform, which includes access to millions of perspective tourists looking for experiences to have when they visit a country.

A press release about Airbnb’s visit explained that both the online platform and the Tourism Development Corporation of The Bahamas hosted several events to promote Experiences to local entrepreneurs.

“The events, which included a train the trainer program, an entrepreneurship lab and a town hall meeting, were designed to connect the online platform to key stakeholders in the country, specifically, those invested in the sustainable development of the tourism industry in the out islands,” the release stated.

“Airbnb invites locals with a one-of-a-kind activity to apply to host an Airbnb Experiences for guests to explore.

“Airbnb Experiences offers new ways for small entrepreneurs to market their time, experiences and talents. In the past, it was difficult for individuals to market and sell independent experiences to travelers. Airbnb has now given Bahamian Experiences entrepreneurs access to their global network, connecting them to the millions of travelers who use the Airbnb platform.”

Chief Executive Officer of the Tourism Development Corporation Janet Johnson, called the Experiences platform a “game changer” for entrepreneurs who offer unique experiences.

When the information on the experience is entered on to Airbnb’s platform it is then vetted. Airbnb determines if the experience is one that fits its profile, and decides whether any other documentation – such as certifications or liability insurance – are required to offer the experience. Experiences protects its tours through liability insurance of up to $1 million.

Liability insurance has been one of the most challenging setbacks for small Bahamian businesses interested in providing tours to the tourism sector.

Carlos Muñoz, Airbnb’s campaign manager for public policy and communications in the Caribbean and Central America, said in the release that his company’s Office of Healthy Tourism “is excited to work with the Tourism Development Corporation of The Bahamas to highlight locals, sustainable tourism and ensure that Bahamians, especially those in the Family Islands, are at the helm of the benefits of a robust tourism industry that is local, authentic, diverse, inclusive and sustainable.”

“Locals with a one-of-a-kind activity are invited to apply to host an Airbnb experience and offer their talents and expertise for guests to explore,” the release states.

“These efforts align with Airbnb’s Office of Healthy Tourism, which is committed to ensuring that as tourism becomes a larger portion of economies around the world, local people and the communities they live in are the primary beneficiaries of tourism.”

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