Tuesday, Feb 25, 2020
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Comparing the eras

Dear Editor,

We as a people have found it easier to walk away rather than to fight for our rights. This is called oppression.

Bahamian politicians have been so busy focusing on the what the FNM did or did not do that they have lost sight of what the needs of the Bahamian people are.

As a young Bahamian man growing up in the 1960s, I worked for less than $120.00 per week. Life was good then. Gas was priced at 15-20 cents per gallon. You could buy a hamburger for 35 cents. To bring you to the present, gas is now close to $5 per gallon. To this end we have to work over one and a half hours to buy one gallon of gas in an eight-hour day.

This letter was written by a Bahamian man who is living and experiencing this life and travesty of justice. We are not asking for a house over the hill. Rather, we are asking for a decent life to continue to be productive citizens.

– The Bahamian People

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