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Fernander calls for ‘intrusion into freedoms’ to fight crime

Bahamas Christian Council (BCC) President Bishop Delton Fernander said yesterday that there must be an intrusion into the freedoms of Bahamians to combat the rising trend of violent crime in the country.

He called for the Royal Bahamas Defence Force to intervene in the fight against crime.

“The caliber of weapon being used on our streets is military grade,” he said at a meeting of the Ministry of National Security’s Advisory Council on Crime.

Fernander added, “We have to give room for this. We as a nation have to give up some of our freedoms so that we can quell this, because if we don’t quell it, it will fester into something that will be much harder to quell.

“There has to be a massive presence in areas, and not just designated hot areas, but an intrusion into our freedom, into our moving about and being able to flow.”

Citing a report on the results of similar efforts in Jamaica, Fernander said he believes the approach to be a logical one.

“It is the natural approach,” he said.

He added, “We are a shipping corridor and it’s impossible to check every crate.

“So, let’s be real, massive amounts of weapons are here.

“I am saying to us, we’ve got to allow the military forces we have to do what they do best. They have intel. They know some stuff we don’t know. We’ve got to allow them to be a little more aggressive.

“They are going to have to do some searches and they’re going to have to impede some of our free flow.”

Fernander added, “Jamaica did it and they got a certain result.

“…We’ve got to do it earlier so that we can get that same result in our country.”

His comments came after a mass shooting in Montell Heights on Sunday where 14 people were shot.

“This new ‘desperate to be in charge’ crew is not concerned about casualties or that a 10-year-old got shot twice,” he said.

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