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Jet ski operator to stand trial for alleged rape

A jet ski operator accused of the sexual assault of an African-American tourist was yesterday committed to stand trial in the Supreme Court.

Prosecutors allege that D’Roy Mackey, 34, of Windsor Place, raped the 30-year-old visitor at Cabbage Beach on May 4.

Mackey received the prosecution’s case against him and was given his notice of alibi when he appeared before Magistrate Samuel McKinney to receive his voluntary bill of indictment.

Mackey, who is represented by Ian Cargill, said that he would provide an alibi within 21 days.

Mackey, who is on bail, makes his next court appearance on July 19 when he will be arraigned before Justice Bernard Turner.

Mackey was charged with rape days after another jet ski operator was acquitted of raping another African-American visitor.

Kevin Romer was accused of raping the woman on a private island three years ago.

Romer, who was on bail, denied the rape claim at his trial before Justice Renae McKay. Romer acknowledged that he took his accuser on a ride on his sports craft on January 2, 2016 for free.

In his interview with police, Romer denied having consensual sex with the woman or raping her.

However, he claimed that she was concerned that her friends would “think she was a hoe by having sex with a man she didn’t know”.

The woman claimed that Romer used a condom during the rape.

But the case unraveled after Romer’s lawyer, David Cash, produced a Facebook post from the alleged victim around the time of the alleged rape about the great time she had on her Bahamas vacation.

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