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Antonius Roberts debuts new interactive sculptural installation at Atlantis

Atlantis has debuted its latest art installation – an interactive heart sculpture and swing – in collaboration with renowned Bahamian artist and resort Art Consultant Antonius Roberts.

The heart-shaped swing art piece located at the “Flying Fish Knoll” garden creates a sense of romance, but also symbolizes the carefree joys of childhood, according to the artist.

“Everything connects to a heart, and this heart-shaped swing provides an opportunity to celebrate the spirit of The Bahamas,” said Roberts. “Swinging into a heart is about experiencing life and the loved ones that come with it. People who come to Atlantis share a love for the destination and have grown up taking their loved ones, children and friends to experience the magic of the resort. This art piece is a central point of location for a community to gather together and experience love in the form of art and inspiration.”

Following the highly successful 2017 debut of Roberts’ sculptural masterpiece, “Sacred Space” (located on The Cove Beach Peninsula), Atlantis and the artist chose to collaborate further on impactful projects that speak to the resort’s “Bahamas at Heart” commitment in the form of unique artistry.

In early 2018, Antonius Roberts was appointed Atlantis’ official art consultant and began working directly with the resort on plans for a new installation that would become a source of inspiration for both guests and the Bahamian community. A self-described lover of the “spirit of community and collaboration”, Roberts wanted his latest piece to capture the meaning of the heart, which is known to be a universal symbol of love and a connection that ties back to the artist and Atlantis’ pride for their country. He unveiled the majestic heart sculpture, complete with an attached swing, at the “Flying Fish Knoll” garden (located in front of the iconic Royal) for all to enjoy as an “experiential” form of art.

An iconic Paradise Island landmark for over 40 years, Atlantis continues to evolve as a destination and, in recent years, has focused extensively on tying the guest experience back to the spirit of the country and authentic cultural traditions that make up the “heart” of the destination.

Staying true to its commitment to nurture the Bahamian entrepreneurial community, Atlantis has given talents like Roberts a creative platform to share their own personal and creative interpretations of The Bahamas to guests and visitors of the resort.

“We have continued to bring the soul and richness of our location and our people to the forefront, and this magnificent sculpture by Antonius Roberts does just that,” said Audrey Oswell, Atlantis president and managing director. “Our latest art installation is a reminder that we carry, with pride, the heart of The Bahamas and we celebrate that with all of our guests and visitors on a daily basis. In doing so, we hope to underscore the sense of pride and empowerment our team members and Bahamians, in general, embrace.”

Guests and visitors of Atlantis can view and experience Roberts’ heart installation by visiting the “Flying Fish Knoll” garden. They can also view his “Sacred Space” installation at The Cove Beach. For more information on the resort’s art program and Antonius Roberts, visit

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