Monday, Jan 20, 2020
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Bahari releases sixth Independence collection

Bahari started out as a small capsule release in celebration of The Bahamas’ 40th anniversary of independence, and now the principles have released their sixth independence collection with a focus on the Bahamian currency and unique archipelago.

The designs this year are once again focusing on things Bahamian – aspects of culture that Bahamians have an affinity for as a people.

The pieces are popular not only for their patriotic appeal but the quality of the product, making them become wardrobe staples. They are focused around Bahamian culture and imagery and executed through the use of opulent aesthetics and artwork.

For shoppers wishing to get in on the Bahari Independence collection, they are available at Bahari Bay Street, Bahari Rosetta, Bahari Freeport and online at

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