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Man acquitted of murder charge

A jury yesterday acquitted Christopher Joseph, who had been featured on the “most wanted list”, of murder.

Joseph, 27, of Kemp Road, was arrested and charged with the 2013 shooting death of Lanero Alleyne after he surrendered to police in January 2017.

Following the 8-4 verdict, Senior Justice Vera Watkins told Joseph he was free.

A handful of Joseph’s friends cheered as he was escorted to the lock up at the Central Police Station for that case for the last time.

Prosecutors allege that Joseph shot Alleyne multiple times at Smokey’s Bar at Gambier Village.

In a police interview, Joseph admitted shooting Alleyne at the bar but claimed he acted in self-defense.

Joseph told officers that Alleyne fired at him first and he shot back.

This version, however, was disputed at trial.

A prosecution witness said that Alleyne was on his cellphone when he was shot. The witness also said that Alleyne did not have a gun and the only object in his hand was the phone. According to the witness, Alleyne did nothing to provoke the shooting.

Joseph also claimed that his confession was obtained under duress. He claimed that he was coached to make the admission after police beat him. Prison physician Dr. Hasting Johnson said Joseph alleged he had been beaten by police when he examined him. Johnson said that he noticed bruises to Joseph’s ears and shin.

David Cash represented Joseph and Roger Thompson prosecuted.

Artesia Davis

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