Tuesday, Nov 12, 2019
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Men must step up to the plate

Dear Editor,

Last month, hundreds of men and boys were privileged to witness Apostle Raymond Wells, of Living Waters Kingdom Ministries, embark on an annual mission to recognize men who are making an invaluable impact on the country, men who have made a choice to leave the world a better place than they met it.

According to the apostle, this vision was birthed while having a conversation with a friend. It was noted that a lot was being done for women and mothers but not so much for men and fathers.

Apostle Wells was right-on with his assumption.

We must all agree that women carry a weighty burden, especially the single mother. They are the backbone of the family. That’s why Mother’s Day is one of the most celebrated days on the calendar.

On Mother’s Day, their praises are touted throughout the entire world. Every pew in every church is filled to capacity. Gifts and flowers are bestowed on every mother in the congregation, culminating with one special lady being crowned Mother of the Year.

Restaurants are overcrowded with families as they celebrate their mothers, the ladies of praise.

Not so with Father’s Day. While Father’s Day is recognized and dads are shown appreciation, there is not the same fanfare as Mother’s Day celebrations.

In The Bahamas, there is a saying that you know Father’s Day is near when you see the crab vendors and fathers can be assured if nothing else, of a good crab and rice dinner on that day.

Apostle Wells saw the need to bridge this gap, hence men of impact became a reality.

On June 14, to a standing room only filled with men and boys, an awards banquet was held to honor seven men of diverse backgrounds who have and are making a great impact in our communities.

They are Dr. Kevin Brown, for the impact he is having on health in the country; Bishop Neil Ellis, for impacting the lives of thousands of men and women throughout The Bahamas and the world; E. J. Bowe, who in his quest to control breadbasket items was a familiar face in food stores; Leslie ‘Pot Cake’ Miller, who through his contribution to politics has had a positive impact on the lives of many; Adrian Fox, who is known for his love for people, not only in his community but throughout the country; Chester Cooper, who has a solid grasp on business and a special love for the people of Exuma and Anthony Ferguson, who has answered the tremendous call to bring law and order to the country.

Apostle Wells must be congratulated on his bold steps for heeding the call to elevate the man. There is an enormous number of men who can be added to this list, but as Apostle Wells pointed out this is just the beginning.

Men, we are being challenged to step up to the plate and take a stand. There are too many single mothers and widows. While the vast majority of us do not have the means and ways to make the contributions that the aforementioned men have, there are many ways in which we can contribute, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem.

Remember, many small efforts make one big contribution. As we celebrate our 46th independence, let us focus on the following excerpt from our national anthem: “Pledge to excel thro’ love and unity.”

– Anthony Pratt

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