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Woman confessed to stabbing court hears

A woman confessed that she stabbed her boyfriend after he allegedly choked her three-year-old son.

Jurors watched on Tuesday as Ashley McKenzie made the admission to police on video.

Prosecutors say that McKenzie stabbed Andrew Mackey seven times during a fight at their home on August 24, 2016.

McKenzie has denied the murder charge at her trial before Justice Gregory Hilton.

Two days after the murder, McKenzie accompanied officers to the crime scene at Ida Street and walked investigators through the area.

She said that she and Mackey were drinking and smoking beedies at their apartment when he began “acting stupid”.

McKenzie said that when Mackey returned home she asked him where he’d been.

McKenzie said that Mackey then slapped her. McKenzie, who weighed 240 pounds at the time of the incident, said that she and the 170-pound Mackey “punched it out”.

During the fight, McKenzie said that she went to check on her son. She told Mackey that she didn’t want to fight anymore and he allegedly hit her again.

McKenzie said that Mackey grabbed the toddler by the throat and refused to let go.

She said that she went to the kitchen and grabbed a knife and stabbed Mackey.

After the stabbing, Mackey ran to the front room where he collapsed, she told police.

Mackey told her: “Don’t let me die. Call 911.”

McKenzie said she was unable to call police or her sister, so she got into her car with the child.

McKenzie said she stopped a pedestrian and asked him to take her to Malcolm Road to her brother.

The man asked her why she had blood on her clothing and she told him that she had a fight with her boyfriend. That’s when he took her to the South Beach Police Station, she said.

McKenzie told the officers she had about four drinks of Napoleon and coke and was not inebriated during the fight.

The trial continues today.

Sonia Timothy represents McKenzie who is on remand. Joel Seymour is the prosecutor.

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