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Ganpat, Jagroo guide Rising Stars to BCA T20 title

Jagnauth Jagroo, Rising Stars and Team Guyana captain, experienced victorious back-to-back weekends as the Rising Stars claimed an eight-wicket victory over the Lions to claim the coveted 2018-2019 Bahamas Cricket Association (BCA) Twenty-Twenty (T20) League title at Haynes Oval on Sunday, and Guyana claimed a seven-wicket victory over The Bahamas for the BCA T20 Nation’s Cup title the previous week.

ÅThe Lions had 177 for the fall of five wickets in the first inning, and the Rising Stars finished with 178 with the loss of two wickets.

The previous Sunday, Jagroo led the Guyanese to victory as they surpassed the 196 runs scored by The Bahamas.

This past Sunday, the Lions got off to a great start in the first inning with Narendra Ekanayake and Jack Ganpat opening the batting for them. The duo got 21 runs by the end of the second over – 15 runs were scored in the second over.

The two continued to score more runs as they went on to put up 18 runs in the third over to take the total to 39 runs not out. The Lions looked like they were well on the way to score over 200 runs.

Graham began his bowling in the fourth over to slow down the Lions’ run rate, and it worked. The Lions were only able to score three runs off Graham’s over.

By the end of the fifth over, the Lions scored 56 runs with all their wickets remaining.

It was not until the seventh over that the Rising Stars got the breakthrough that they needed. Ekanayake struck Rising Stars bowler Rudy Fox’s delivery to Jagroo, who caught it.

The partnership garnered 72 runs, with Ekanayake scoring 19 runs that included two fours. He was replaced by Kerry Cummings.

Ganpat and Cummings started to maintain the runs as they batted with poise and control. The runs were still flowing as they moved the runs total from 72 to 92 runs in a little over two overs.

In the 10th over, Ganpat went after a Bumeshwar Jagroo delivery but was stumped by Seenauth Jagroo with the score on 94 runs for two wickets after 10 overs. Ganpat finished with 47 runs that included three sixes and four fours.

With the two top order batsmen out, the Rising Stars started to gain confidence. In over number 11, Fox struck again, this time claiming Andre Hill by way of leg before wicket (LBW). Hill managed to score one run. Hill’s exit had the Lions at 95 for the loss of three wickets.

It was a good eight overs for the Rising Stars as Fox and Bumeshwar Jagroo helped to get a handle on the game and neutralize the Lions’ early start.

Cummings helped to stabilize his side but not fast enough as he was limited to singles. He put Andre Dosramos on strike to get a few boundaries. Dosramos was able to get four sixes before he was caught by Keith Burrows with the score on 131 for four wickets in over number 14.

Cummings remained at the crease not out on 49 runs as the Lions’ innings ended at 177 for five wickets as the Rising Stars bowled out 20 overs. Cummings finished with four sixes and one four.

Fox and Bumeshwar Jagroo led the way for the Rising Stars in the bowling department. Fox ended his four-over spell with two wickets for 24 runs. Bumeshwar Jagroo had 34 runs scored in his four overs and claimed two wickets.

Claiming one wicket was Graham, who allowed an efficient 23 runs in four overs.

The Rising Stars’ target was 178 runs, a relatively easy target for the T20 format of cricket.

Graham and Jagnauth Jagroo opened the batting for the Rising Stars. The pair had a quick start to their innings.

By the end of the third over they scored 44 runs. In the third over they punished Dosramos with 17 runs. Graham had a great opening stand as he scored 22 runs by the end of the third over.

Jagnauth Jagroo faced more balls by the fourth over and picked up his scoring.

In the seventh over, Graham picked up his half-century with a double. He had two sixes and five fours to help him record a half century. By the end of that over, the Rising Stars had 90 runs without the fall of a wicket.

In the ninth over, the Rising Stars crossed over the century mark and they were on target to make the 178 runs target.

Jagnauth Jagroo joined the half-century club with Graham in over number 10 after hitting Ghani Mohamed over the ropes for a four. At the end of that over, the Rising Stars were at 113 without a loss of a wicket.

Mohammed returned to bowl in over number 12 and got his Lions a little breathing room when he bowled out Graham with the Rising Stars on 146 runs. They needed 32 runs with just over six overs remaining. Graham had 10 essential boundaries – three sixes and seven fours.

Kevin Surujlal replaced him but was bowled by Ganpat in over number 14. His short but productive outing included 15 runs with two sixes. At the time of Surujlal’s exit, the Rising Stars were at 164 for the loss of two wickets.

Rudy Fox came in for Surujlal and took his team to the 178 runs target. Fox scored 11 runs that included a six and a four.

Jagnauth Jagroo was not out on 65 runs as he had six singles to put Surujlal and Fox on strike. Jagroo had seven boundaries – five sixes and two fours.

Mohamed finished the inning bowling for 33 runs from four overs to go with one wicket. Ganpat bowled for 37 runs and snagged one wicket in three overs.

This match marked the culmination of the cricket season that saw some younger players involved in the sport. Teams will go back to the drawing board and attempt to dethrone the Rising Stars and Guyana next season.

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