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Man murdered months after twin brother killed

The family of a man who was stabbed to death on Wednesday night during a brawl with another man said he died nearly seven months after his twin brother was murdered.

“Baby doll it’s hard,” Miriam Murphy, the victim’s mother, told The Nassau Guardian yesterday.

“Another gone last night. When I gone out to the road it was so hard but God helped me come through it.”

She identified her son as Nicartha Murphy, 32, a father of one.

Police said two men got into a fight in a parking lot on East Street South and Cox Way around 9 p.m.

During the fight, the men stabbed each other, police said. Both men were then taken to hospital where one man died and the other was detained in stable condition.

Murphy said her son died on the operating tabling at Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH).

She said her son’s twin, Elcartha Murphy, was shot and killed on Malcolm Road in December 2018.

“That blow wasn’t easy,” she said at the family’s East Street South home.

“I tried my endeavor best to hold onto God.”

She added, “A neighbor came here and told me…my son [is] on the road lying down with multiple stabs on his stomach.

“He told me he was out there. When I reached out there all the police them was around.

“I tell them I have to see my baby and I wanted to say something to him.”

Speaking of her last moments with her son, she said, “I just touched his face and said, ‘Nicartha, this [is] mummy.’

“And that’s all I could’ve said.”

As she clutched onto her young grandson, Murphy said she was too distraught to continue the interview.

Curtis Murphy, 34, Nicartha’s older brother, said he was with his brother moments after he was stabbed.

“I spoke to him on the floor,” he said.

“I was with him while he was on floor bleeding and stuff like that. He just kept telling me, ‘Where the ambulance? Where the ambulance?’”

Wiping tears from his eyes, he said, “I still ain’t get over the first one. It’s a blow for the family, man, another blow.”

The murder count for the year now stands at 47.

Jasper Ward

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